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The entire Earth is our neighborhood!

Join me and a few hundred others as we become an oceangoing community on the Odyssey, a small cruise ship, for a first-ever three (and a half) year live-and-work aboard life traveling around the world and visiting 427 planned destinations in 147 countries! About 1/3 of us are permanent liveaboards and own our cabins. The rest will join and disembark at locations around the globe, staying at least three months, usually about six months. I am one of the fortunate few to be a booked full-time resident, Through this website, you are invited to come along with us on the continuing adventure. I will be posting regularly as a Resident not affiliated with Villa Vie Residences, but the site will also be available for other Residents on board to publish their own impressions, here.

This is not simply a travelogue although I expect there will be a lot of travel writing. It will also have musings on many topics, and a plethora of differing viewpoints and interpretations of our life aboard, what we experience, and how we’re feeling about it all. I’m sure there will be photos and videos galore when the trip gets going!

If you have a thought about a blog, please comment. And, if you have an article you think would add to the site, please feel free to send it to me for consideration as a blog entry attributed to you (see Contact Me > Direct Message). In today’s world, a community doesn’t have to be all in one geographic location (or onboard one ship), but can, and I hope will, include interested people from all over the world.

A U.S. Expat, I own a house in my adopted hometown of Oranjemund, Namibia, and am a Permanent Resident of Namibia after having lived and sailed on a Passport 42 (13 m) sailboat for twenty-six years. The Odyssey journey begins in May 2024 when it launches from South Hampton, U.K. I’m delayed in joining the ship while I’m temporarily in Kansas getting medical treatments from the Veteran’s Administration. I’ve been a Peace Corps Volunteer, a fighter pilot, an actor, a father, a corporate executive (not fun), a shuttle driver, a hang-glider, an instructor pilot, an adjunct professor in graduate school, and a few other things over the last fifty years. I’ve been mostly self-employed, sometimes unemployed, and have lived, worked, or travelled in forty-five countries. See “About Me” for more info on my eclectic life.

This journey promises to be a personal keystone for over seven decades of varied experiences
in being a small part of creating a community of like-minded people, including you. How cool is that!

If you haven’t seen any of the gazillion articles in worldwide publications announcing that the Life At Sea Cruise by Miray was canceled at the end of 2023, it is the sad truth. A blog summarizing the situation was posted in January 2024: (What Happened? Now What? (The Short Story). As of now, The booked Residents (including me) on that cruise are still hoping to get our money back. There are several good articles from major publications about the debacle, but the one I recommend is from CNN as it gives a very good picture of the “behind the scenes” activities. Or you can just search the Internet for “Life At Sea Cruise cancellation” if you like gory details, some with questionable accuracy.

For this website, start at the menu at the top with “The Trip” > “Preparing“, which is all about getting ready for the trip, including the old preparations for the Life At Sea Cruise. And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so you can stay up with things as they progress and see photos, videos, and writeups from me, and others, on our experiences as they happen. You will get a maximum of one email per week and only if something new is posted. And we never, ever, sell our mailing list or any other personal information.

15 responses to “The Villa Vie Odyssey Blog”

  1. Hilma Kanyemba Avatar
    Hilma Kanyemba


    1. Andy Garrison Avatar

      HILMA! How great to see your name here!!! Thanks for subscribing. I’m sure I’ll see you several more times before I depart Oranjemund in four days!

      1. Alma Osnaya Avatar
        Alma Osnaya

        Hi Andy, I didn’t realize I had subscribed…😄
        Hope all is well with your cruise and you guys are having great time! Looking forward to your blog. I will live vicariously through you and all your stories. 🙏

        1. Andy Garrison Avatar

          Hi Alma. Sorry about the delay in approving this. Purely accidental.

          As you may have discovered by now, the voyage has not yet departed or even been verified in having a ship! There is a significant kerfuffle about all of that, and emotions are running high. Stay tuned and I’ll get out the word when we hear something firm. Meanwhile I’m very glad you did subscribe, and look forward to interacting with you on occasion as the great adventure of life, and the Life At Sea Cruise saga, develop.

  2. Jerry Avatar

    Man…this is going to be interesting to watch…your living my dream. I’m excited for you!

    1. Andy Garrison Avatar

      Thanks, Jerry. As departure approaches, things are heating up! I will be in a position to increase the number of posts, and get postings from other residents, within a couple of weeks. Stay tuned! I look forward to you being on board.

  3. Robert Avatar

    Awesome Andy

    1. Andy Garrison Avatar

      Thanks, Robert. I’ve been pretty quiet for a month or so adjusting to some unexpected life events. Back to posting soon.

  4. Mary Edgar Avatar
    Mary Edgar

    Looks fantastic well done

    1. Andy Garrison Avatar

      Thanks Mary. I’m looking forward to being able to really dive in and fill it with content! I’m relatively quiet now while things settle out. All in it’s time-only 111 days until 1 Nov! It will be nice to meet you, I hope.

  5. Tina BOULTON Avatar
    Tina BOULTON

    This is awesome. So happy to have found your blog, I will be watching with eagerness – hopefully from a future resident from little old New Zealand.

    1. Andy Garrison Avatar

      Hi Tina, and thanks for the comment. I noticed you also subscribed—Thanks! I hope you get on the journey! NZ is one country I have always wanted to spend some time in (who doesn’t?) but haven’t managed to get there. I spent months in Australia, but wasn’t able to get to NZ in spite of my interest in sailing.

  6. Kambezunda Ngavee Avatar
    Kambezunda Ngavee

    Thank you Andy, I am proudly for you to have one of my stone sculpture, looking forward to more initiative’s.

  7. Kambezunda Ngavee Avatar
    Kambezunda Ngavee

    It’s a great initiative that will need to serve us worldwide

    1. Andy Garrison Avatar

      Thanks for commenting, Kambezunda. I’m thrilled to have you follow the trip. Your stone carving sits proudly on my coffee table and is the center of my living room in Oranjemund.

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